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Professional Voice-Over Coaching


Voice-Over Technique

Identify your strengths as a voice actor. Learn how to connect to copy and keep the listener’s attention. Adjust your style to suit different genres. Discover where your talent is best suited in the marketplace.

One-on-One Coaching

Work intensively with a private teacher in customized sessions. Focus on material appropriate to you. Build your confidence and cultivate your ease as a voice actor. Prepare for auditions and bookings. Establish short- and long-term goals.

Demo Production

Determine when to make a first or new demo of your voice. Select scripts that best showcase your talent. Work with a professional demo engineer in Manhattan or find the best recording studio options near you. Be directed in person or via phone patch throughout your actual recording session.


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RESONATE Voice-Over Coaching

Ellie Devers is a wonderful v-o coach, equipped with a wealth of experience and a deep knowledge of voice acting and the v-o industry. She can diagnose what’s not working for you and offer the right adjustment with a highly effective mix of tell-it-straight clarity and a contagious sense of hope. A few months after I prepared my commercial demo under Ellie’s tutelage, I booked my first job. I recommend Resonate for voice actors of any level of experience or training. Ellie is a pleasure to work with, always professional and funny as hell.

Alfred GingoldStudent, audiobook narrator, and writer
Brooklyn, NY

At the age of 65 and somewhat retired, I decided to explore an encore career and made an appointment with Ellie Devers. In our first session, Ellie (who sensed my initial nervousness) suggested we just sit quietly for a while and be present. I followed my breath and found my way home. We talked a bit about my background and my as yet unformed intentions. She presented me with a bit of narration to read. I stood up to the microphone and read the copy, listening to my own voice as I spoke the words. When I finished, Ellie smiled and said, “You have a good voice, but don’t fall in love with it. Voice-over acting is not about the voice, it’s about the truth.” Having now worked with Ellie for the past couple of years, I often think about that first encounter, which revealed so much about the way she works with people. She is deeply respectful and attentive to the individuality of her students and steadfastly committed to their growth. She creates a safe space in which she invites the truth to arise from within, a delicate inside-out rather than outside-in process. Honest and direct, she is devoted to the paramount role of any actor: service—to their fellow actors and to their audience. Ellie is a skillful and genuine professional. And, I am happy to say, she is my teacher.

Dr. Dean William RudoyStudent, voice actor, and clinical psychologist
Trustee of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights
Albuquerque, NM

Ellie Devers is not only one of the most talented actors I've ever known, but her brilliance glows even brighter when it comes to her master class teaching skills with both acting and voice-over talent. I highly recommend her to all who are eager to learn from her incredible gifts.

Greg MullaveyActor and director
New York, NY

I used to be overwhelmed when it came to recording voice-overs. That’s why it is quite literally a miracle that I discovered Resonate. Ellie Devers turned my insecurities into excitement. Ellie's experience, ease, and encouragement immediately set me straight, and by the end of our first session my confidence was up and I felt ready to conquer the voice-over world. She picked just the right material for me to get noticed and get the edge I wanted in my voice-over reel.

Danielle BeckmannStudent and actress
New York, NY

Ellie Devers has an innate ability to see the spark of genius in her students. She shares qualities of great directors like Mike Nichols that I have been fortunate to work with: lack of ego, commitment to bringing out the best in others, respect, and a sense of humor. Being a stellar actress and writer herself, she knows the courage it takes to self-express and creates an atmosphere where taking creative risks is easy and fun.

E. Katherine KerrActress and acting teacher
Author of The Four Keys: A Simple Guide to Authentic Acting
Sarasota, FL


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