One-on-one voice-over coaching sessions are naturally tailored to each student. Ellie approaches every person uniquely, taking into consideration their experience as well as their strengths and talents, which may be evident, disclosed up front, or discovered during the course of the session work. Ellie teaches how to break down a script, connect to copy, and personalize material. She also helps with relaxation and breathing, physicality, and microphone and booth technique.

Ellie has over a thousand different voice-over scripts available and selects voice-over material that best suits one’s given background, abilities, and interests. She also works with students who wish to bring in other material or create their own. Ultimately, they work collaboratively to find what genres (audio books, movie trailers, animation and character work, etc.) are best suited to the student in the marketplace.

Students may choose to do their sessions online (via Hangouts, FaceTime, or Skype) or over the phone for the same rate. Ellie charges a slightly higher rate for in-person sessions to cover costs for studio space and travel. Each coaching session is one hour in length.

Free Evaluation

If you are interested in having your voice work evaluated, click on the button below and choose one of the sample scripts. Take as much time as you need to rehearse the script. Then call Resonate at 646.979.9395. Introduce yourself, and read the copy you selected as you would on the air or in a recording session. Be sure to go to the Contact page, submit your name and email, and mention that you did a recording for evaluation. Ellie will send you a critique of your work in two to three business days.

RESONATE Voice-Over Coaching


The first one-on-one coaching session with Ellie is offered at a reduced price. Students have the opportunity to meet Ellie and discuss their background, interests, and goals. Ellie can answer your specific questions and will offer suggestions on how to proceed as a voice actor. The Introduction is one hour.

Phone/Video: $125

In-Person: $175


Phone/Video: $150

In-Person: $200


Phone/Video: $700

In-Person: $925

*This package is valid for 90 days.


Phone/Video: $1350

In-Person: $1800

**This package is valid for 120 days.

Voice-Over Demo

Ellie helps students who wish to make a demo of their voice to present to potential clients and to promote themselves online. Requirements vary from student to student. Please see the FAQ page for more information.